O-Ring Kits

Rubber O-Ring Kit in NBR, Viton Rubber

Our O-Ring Kit is industry standard. The kit contains a total of 382 o-rings, in 30 of the most often used AS568 Standard sizes. The outside top cover has detailed, labels indicating the sizes and quantities of the o-ring seals in each compartment , and the highly attractive red styrene box features both post and recess styles of o ring retention.

Material : Nitrile (NBR) with 70 Shore A Hardness

Orders are shipped from our stock within 3-5 days .

We also supply other O-Ring Kits : Metric Kit,Scuba Kit,Boss Seal Kit,Plumber's Kit
Metric Kit : Metric O-Ring assortment containing 386 O Rings in 30 metric sizes commonly used in industrial and automotive applications. Sizes range in ID from 3mm to 40mm . Available in 70A Nitrile (NBR)

Scuba Kit : O-rings Kits are supplied in NBR Rubber as most divers use them on one-time use basis or on rental equipment. Salt water, UV, oxygen and ozone attack nitrile causing to fail, we also supply in FKM (Viton) which is far superior than nitrile it withstand against those elements which attack nitrile. O rings for HP and tank necks are in 90A hardness and LP in 70A hardness

Boss Seal Kit : O-Rings are used in sealing straight thread tube fittings (Boss Type) in the design and service of hydraulic equipment ,O-Rings are made of 90A Nitrile (NBR) material. This kit contains 212 pieces of the 20 most popular 900 series O Rings.

Plumber's Kit : O-Rings can be used to repair your faucet. Each Kit contains Nitrile (black rubber) o rings which will fit the following faucet makers' most popular models : -Acme Brass, American Standard, Arrowhead, Briggs, Central Brass, Chase, Consolidated Brass, Crane, Cygnet, Delta Faucet, DishMaster, Eljer, FluidMaster, Gerber, Gopher, Gyro, Harcraft, Hotpoint, Indiana, Jameco, Kohler, McDonald, Milwaukee Faucet, Moen, Mullins, Price Pfister, Rundle, Salter, Savoy, Sayco, Schaible, Sears, Sinclare, Speakman, Sterling, Teck, Union Brass, Universal, Valley, Wards, Waltec, Western Brass, Wm.Harvey, and YoungTown. This kit contains 200 pieces of the 12 popular sizes of O Rings suitable for all plumbing and many industrial applications