HNBR O-Rings, Rubber O-Ring Seals

HNBR O-Rings

HNBR O-Rings improves wear and extrusion resistance over standard NBR Rubber O-Rings, HNBR Rubber O-Rings has outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, weathering, mineral oil, crude oils, with amines, fuels, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and indurtrial chemicals, HNBR O-Rings has very good mechanical properties and has extended high temperature range.

HNBR O-Rings is suitable for high dynamic loads and has a good abrasion resistance. HNBR O-Rings working temperatures from -30°C to +150°C.HNBR Rubber is from carboxyl group which helps improve the abrasion resistance than NBR while retaining excellent oil and solvent resistance.

HNBR O-Rings are available in metric and imperial international standards such as as AS568 , DIN ISO 3601 and JIS sizes , thus providing the quality assurance required to meet the world's most demanding applications of O-Rings

O-Rings are made on order in wide range of materials: Nitrile (NBR), Viton (FKM), Silicone (VMQ), Neoprene (CR), Ethylene-propylene (EPM/EPDM), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)