Viton Rubber Oil Seals - FKM Oil Seals

Viton Oil Seals

Viton Rubber Oil Seals is suitable for high vacuum applications. FKM Oil Seals are excellent resistance to mineral oils, hot water, steam, fuels, alcohol, hot oils, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon, it has poor resistance to methanol, ketones & esters also exhibits excellent chemical resistance for use in harsh environments such as phosphate esters.

Viton Rubber also known FPM, Viton, Fluorel, It is a Fluorocarbon elastomer and are highly fluorinated carbon-based polymers used in applications to resist harsh chemical and ozone attack. Oil Seals made in Viton Rubber can withstand working temperature - 26 C to + 210 C.

Viton Oil Seals are available in metric sizes and inches sizes.

Oil Seals are made on order in wide range of materials: Nitrile (NBR), Viton (FKM), Silicone (VMQ),Ethylene-propylene (EPM/EPDM)Rubbers.